Forum History

Originally an idea for an MMORPG, Trialga started out as forums for the game that was undergoing development by Bryan, Will, and Jake. On December 8, the Trialga Forums were born on an InvisionFree board. Just two weeks later, around the end of December 2006, the forums were moved to on a licensed IP.Board, as opposed to the old IPB 1.3 boards that InvisionFree used. Near the middle of 2007, it was determined that production of the game was to be indefinitely put on hold.

On May 27, 2007, Bryan and Jeremy made new forums for the site and formatted them to be community forums. They made the decision to have a fresh start with new additions.

Throughout the summer of 2007, the forums grew and expanded. Services related to programming, such as the Signature of the Week modification and modification installations have been added, staff have been hired, and the forums have been better than ever.

The Administration Team

This is just some information about the administration team.

Bryan - Head Admin of the forums and owner of the site. Bryan manages the more technical aspects of the site as well as the site content. Bryan programs modifications and systems; some for free, some for a price.

Jeremy - Head Admin of the forums. He also manages the site layout and such. Jeremy manages many aspects of the forums, including graphic making for parts as well as implementing ideas. He also does a lot of work behind the scenes, making sure everything is running smooth, and likes to keep the staff and VIP Members informed on what is going on. Jeremy does his best to make sure everything is running smooth, and is usually in communication with the Admin. He is in charge of H3Community, as well as J & J Productions.